On The Edge - now a weekly feature


On The Edge is a weekly feature. New panels will dated for the Monday of each week, but you can of course use them whatever day of the week you choose. Also, we are now offering On The Edge to all new and existing customers as a package deal:

For the same price you pay for the weekly print feature, you get:

1. The print feature for your newspaper
2. The online feature for your website
3. The weekly On The Edge animation for your website

To see a sample of how you can use the online versions to generate ad revenue, please see the sample page below:


We provide a live feed for the static and animated features on your website, so once your pages are set up you never have to maintain them. The new weekly comic and animation will be uploaded the Monday of each week, and will be available to your readers all week. If you would like to take advantage of these new items, contact: mrboffo@mrboffo.com